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Course Content 

The Streetwear Design Course will allow students to develop the skills that are needed to design clothes for men. The course is always updated with the current trends and will allow students to experiment with styles to create always new and fashion conscious collection.

You will discover the different types of materials and fabrics, how they are made and how to use them. You will start to learn how to hand-draw the man’s body, the main male garments and how to create professional illustrations on Photoshop and technical drawings on Illustrator.


Final work :

Creative Final Workshop: designing a collection based on an individual theme

Course Learning Outcomes

- Use of Adobe programs: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
- Sketching techniques for design and technical drawing
- Textile knowledge
- Moodboard creation


Level: Beginners/Advanced






Streetwear  Fashion Design

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Material : Notebook - 4H pencils - Tracing paper - Soft eraser - Pencils - Pencil sharpener - Fine black fibre tip pens - A4 paper – Scissors - Glue stick - Laptop Computer - USB Memory stick - Photoshop - Illustrator 

What is about

Freehand design Analysis different items – Human body – Poses and movements – Volumes and proportions – Technical sheet – Hand coloration technique – Fabrics knowledge – Collection design – Schedule a collection – Photoshop & Illustrator – Trend Analysis – Mood Board – Realize a portfolio – Media for promotion – Preparatory courses for many specializations

What you can do

  • Realize your own collection

  • Fashion Consulting

  • Collaborate with a fashion designer

  • Work in design offices

  • Work with fashion institutes

  • Drawn collection for knitting mills

  • Promote your job independently

  • Product manager

Men Fashion Design

Available Schedule :

Fashion Short Term Course 

Daytime 2 weeks - Full-Time - (48h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 1.900 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

Daytime 4 weeks - Full-Time - (96h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 2.100 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

Daytime 2 months - Full-Time - (192h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 3.900 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

Daytime 3 months - Full-Time - (288h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 5.900 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

Daytime 4 weeks - Part time - (48h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) morning or afternoon Fee: € 1.900 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

To include 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee.

This course will prepare the student for the professional reality of the fashion world. Not only developing the individual creativity, but also to acquire the necessities of the Fashion Industry.

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Streetwear men fashion

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