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What is Fashion Portfolio


Portfolio is a visual resume of your best works related to a certain design industry and a tool to sell your quality, values, capacity, and reliability. 

Portfolio should be made in a visual language that is understandable to the people in the industry of your target. An ideal portfolio should express & explain very well one's idea and aesthetically well made without ignoring the personal touch & style of the designer.

Applying for Fashion Schools?


We can help you get in, whether if you still don't know anything about fashion or if you are a young fashion autodidact.

Here we will teach you the methods that are used in fashion schools & fashion companies with practical exercises. By the end of the course, you will have your own creative projects to showcase and show them in your portfolio.



By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Develop basic & actual fashion design skills

  • Work with Adobe Photoshop 

  • Utilize basic graphic design skills for a professional layout

  • Use Visual Communication skills, using the 'language' of the fashion industry

  • Analyze and develop design styles for different brands/targets


You will start with learning basic sketching skills, basic knowledge of fashion items, how to develop your idea into a product, how to conduct a fashion research, creating mood board, and how to design according to style guidelines and brand guidelines. Specific contents of the course will depends on the Fashion Design Course that you choose to study.

After finishing practical fashion projects, you will learn how to create a portfolio that shows & enhance your strength, personality, and the goal & objective that you are trying to achieve, taking in consideration also the school in which you are going to apply.

Level Beginners

Material Notebook - Laptop computer -  Adobe Photoshop installed  (7 days trial version permitted) - a mouse

fashion portfolio
fashion portfolio

Monday to Thursday, 6 hours a day

Morning class: 9:30 am/ 12:30 am
Afternoon class: 13:45 pm/ 16:45 pm

Application Dates: Courses start every Monday

Apply anytime and choose a Monday to start the course.

fees & dates

Choose 1 of our fashion design short course and add 1 week of portfolio.

Perfect solution to finally start to learn how to design a fashion project with a concrete result, useful for fashion school application.

Duration: 4 weeks (3 weeks Design + 1 week Portfolio), Full time (96h)

Fee: 2.900 €*  (save up to 600 €)
Photoshop lessons included


*To include: 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee.


Please note that MFC has a limited number of places that will be assigned on a first come - first serve basis.

Accessory Design Portfolio

Already have a portfolio

looking for a professional review?

Write to us to schedule private review online sessions with our teachers!

State your educational background, your field, your goal, and we will write back to you with an online review program specific for you.

fashion portfolio
fashion portfolio
fashion portfolio

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