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Fashion week

special edition 
during the
milan fashion wee
k 2023

 from 20 February 
until 03 March 2023

 During Milan Fashion Week, the city is filled with fashion shows, events, and presentations, making it an exciting place to be for anyone interested in fashion. Additionally, Milan is known for its rich culture and history, with many museums, art galleries, and historical sites to visit, as well as great food and nightlife. So, it's a great opportunity to discover the cultural side of the city and to attend the most important fashion events of the year. 

what will you learn?

1 Week Fashion Styling Course 

Fashion Styling Course.jpg

What is it about

Course Info CLICK HERE!


1 Week Media Styling Course 

Including Fashion Shooting

Media Editorial.jpg

What is it about

Course Info CLICK HERE!


1 What language will be used in the classes? English.

2 What is the average age of the students? From 22 to 40 years.
3 When is the next course start after this? February 
4 Do you provide an accomodation? Accommodation is not included, because every one has a different budget for the accommodation, in this way you can decide where you want to stay. Have a look here: Accommodation in Milano
5 Are there other Fees? No other Fees. 
6 Who is the responsible of this project ? have a look Click HERE !

Visit The New Fashion Museum of Armani & Prada only in Milan

Milan Fashion Week Experience
Milan Fashion Week Experience
Milan Fashion Week Experience

Fashion Tour in Milan Walk in the city center, enjoy time together and discover what Milan can offer you.......

Milan Fashion Week Experience

Milan Fashion Week If You come during the Milan Fashion Weeks, you will feel the REAL Italian professional Fashion System, walking around the Fashion Square and spotting Fashion influencers.

Milan Fashion Week Experience

Fairs in Milan During the Fashion Week we will bring you to visit the post important Fashion Fairs discovering New Fashion Trends that we are going to wear next season

Fee:  2.450 euro* 

*still have to be included in the price: 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee.


Fashion Styling Course 1 Week

Fashion Media Styling Course 1 Week

1 Shooting Day with Model - Photographer - Make-up Artist 

Photographic Studio

Digital Pictures of final Shooting 

Entrance to Armani or Prada Museum * opossible only if  open to the public 

Fashion Walking Tour

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