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Study Fashion in Milan 

  • Courses are open all year-round 

  • Courses held in English 

  • Courses starting every Monday 

  • Intensive short-term Fashion Courses

  • Open for any age and level

  • Perfect for fashion foundation and portfolio

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our Courses 


Our most complete Italian professional ​program for you who wants to go deep & discover all important fashion skills and knowledge for a solid base and rich work portfolio.

Fashion foundation Course
Fashion Portfolio

You will develop a personal method of freehand drawing, you will study the various coloring techniques, with the computer or by hand, and you devote yourself to the study of proportions to create targeted designs that will enrich your curriculum.

Perfect if you have to enroll into a 2-3 years future career Institution & understanding if it is the right direction you want to take, before wasting time is spending money.

short Courses 

Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling Courses