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Our most complete Italian professional ​program for you who wants to go deep & discover all important fashion skills and knowledge for a solid base and rich work portfolio.

Fashion foundation Course
Fashion Portfolio

You will develop a personal method of freehand drawing, you will study the various coloring techniques, with the computer or by hand, and you devote yourself to the study of proportions to create targeted designs that will enrich your curriculum.

short Courses 


Fashion Styling Courses

women Styling Course


Body and face shapes, color theory, different styles… these are only a few things you will learn from this course. From personal styling to editorial styling, this course is perfect both for beginners or professional update.

men Styling Course

The program of the course is designed for image fashion  consultants who not only want to learn the basic rules that everyone can find anywhere, but to live a real experience in the number one Men’s Fashion Country in the World such as Milan.

MEDIA Editorial Fashion

This course will be more focused on editorial styling. You will learn how to work for a fashion magazine, website or blog. Researching new trends and creating contemporary looks. You will also have the chance to organize your own shooting.


Fashion Design Courses

Women Fashion Design Course

In this course you will learn how to design women’s garments starting from the sketch to the final illustration, both by hand and using Photoshop. You will also learn how to prepare technical drawings using Illustrator.

Men's Wear Design Course

In this course you will learn how to design men’s garments from start to finish. You will have the chance to be inspired by Italian fashion. In Milan some of the best Men’s Wear collections are presented every year.

Streetwear Design

The Streetwear Design Course will allow students to develop the skills that are needed to design clothes for men. The course is always updated with the current trends and will allow students to experiment with styles to create always new and fashion conscious collection

Lingerie Design Course
Bridal Design Course

The Bridal Design Course is not only dedicated for those who want to learn how to design modern Italian Style Wedding Dresses, but also for those who wants to improve his professional skills.

Accessories Design Course

The Accessory Design Course will allow students to learn how to design handbags and shoes based on their own creativity as well as keeping the practical use of the item.

Collection Design
Fashion Illustration Course