Combined Course : Sketching Course+ Detail Design


Course Content:


The Fashion Sketching and Details Design Course allows students to go beyond their creativity to invent something new through by experimenting with details. In the professional world of fashion product design, it is sometimes the details that matter more than the design of the item itself. This course will allow students to study and understand how a garment is constructed and how its details (pockets, fastenings... etc.) are an important part of the design. You will have to research fashion products to see how some details are complement to their functionality, what kind of workmanship and materials are required, and to discover the infinite options you have to transform a basic garment into an unique piece.


Fashion Details Design Course:

renewing and transforming basic garments into unique pieces

Material: Notebook - 4H pencils - Tracing paper - Soft eraser - Pencils - Pencil sharpener - Fine black fibre tip pens - A4 paper - Notebook - Laptop Computer - USB Memory Stick

Available Schedule :

Fashion Short Term Course 

Daytime 2 weeks - Full-Time - (48h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 1.700 

Daytime 4 weeks - Part-time - (48h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) morning or afternoon Fee: € 1.900

To include 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee. 

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