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mens fashion style
mens fashion style
mens fashion style
mens fashion style

Men's Fashion Image Styling Course 


Men's Fashion Styling Program

Discover How Style can Influence your Career or Personal Life?

pitti edition

Styling course + entrance to Pitti Uomo

What is this course about?

The Men's Fashion Styling course develops a sense of Italian-style fashion. It provides a comprehensive men's clothing glossary, delves into fashion icons and style identification, and emphasizes factors like body shapes, faces, dress codes, fabrics, etc. The goal is to expand knowledge of men's styling, enabling students to choose appropriate attire based on various factors and stay trend-conscious.

This program is not just only about learning the basics rules that everyone can find in any book anywhere, but also “to live a real experience in the number one Men’s Fashion Capital in the World” .  The only way to understand it, is to live the experience in Milan!

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Course Learning Outcomes

- Recognizing different men’s body shape and dressing right for each

- Gain knowledge of different men’s dress codes

- Men’s clothing items identification

- Gain knowledge of the past icons and designers specially for men

- Discover trends and styles from all over the world

- Recognizing names of the fabrics (Understanding which fabrics are more suitable for men wearing

- Use of Adobe Photoshop


For whom?

- For all people who wants to increase their knowledge in the field of fashion

- For professional purpose

- For personal culture

- Styling for Media Photo / Video

- Fashion designer

- Adviser

- Personal shopper

- Personal Image adviser

Course Details


Level: Beginners

Material: Notebook - Laptop computer - USB Memory stick - Photoshop 


Available Schedule


Fashion Short Term Course 

1 week - Daytime Full-Time (24h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday)

Fee: € 2.100    

( Photoshop Lessons included) 

To include 22% Tax + 150 euro Enrollment Fee.

pitti edition

Next edition: 10 - 14 June 2024

1 week - full time

Monday to Thursday

+ Trip to Florence to visit Pitti Uomo - the most important fair in men's fashion.


Fee: € 2000 (Photoshop lessons & Fair entrance fee included)*

To include 22% Tax + 150 euro Enrollment Fee.

*accommodation, train ticket, meals, and other personal expenses are not included


What is about

Increasing knowledge in men's fashion - Human body analysis – Items and accessories for every silhouette Fabric Coordination Sensibility  Style Research – Trend Research – Men's Dress code – Realize complete look – Personal analysis – Photoshop – Mood board – Realize portfolio –

Visit of Fashion select Shop in Milan  - Experience - New Skills in Fashion 

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What you can do

  • Personal stylist

  • Personal and editorial image consultant

  • Personal shopper

  • Styling consulting

  • Work with fashion agency or as freelance

  • Work with press offices

  • Work with photographers

  • Work with editorial magazines

  • Fashion Show coordinator

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Flexibility is our thing.

Other courses can always be added to your course of choice with the duration that you want.

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Discover Here Some Details of the Course

It is not only about Rules is also about Taste 

Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
Fashion Styling Course
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