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Intensive Summer Fashion Courses


 Fashion Design & Fashion Styling Classes 


How Spend your Summer Vacation ?

Study Fashion in Summer 


Enjoy your Summer, with the Italian Abroad Summer Fashion Camps of Milan Fashion Campus 

A unique summer study fashion abroad experience, where young people meet for the passion of fashion design. One month of intensive program for students who want improve their skill or just want to discover the world of fashion in Milano

4-week course - Full Time- 96 hours has two lessons per day (morning and afternoon) COURSE COST: € 2,300 - Fashion Styling 3 Weeks

 Course of 2 weeks Course Full Time 48 hours has a lesson per day to choose (morning and afternoon) COURSE COST € 2,000

4-week course- Part time 48 hours- 2 lessons per day (morning or afternoon) COURSE COST: € 2,100

Milan Street Fashion

Summer Courses :

Duration 3 hours lesson - Classes are held from Monday to Thursday.

Morning: 9:30 am/ 12:30 am
Afternoon section: 13:45 pm/ 16:45 pm


Application Dates

Please note MFC Summer Program have a limited number of places that will be assigned on a first come - first serve basis.


Language: Italian, English

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List of Summer Fashion Design& Styling  Courses:



Women's Wear Design

Summer Fashion Design Women's Design Course

Draw Women's collections at professional level

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare students for a professional reality of the fashion world, the workshop is distinguished above all because it is not based only on theoretical study, but yes it is structured like a real apprenticeship.


Downloand One Month Woman Prêt a Porter Program


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Women's Fashion Styling

Summer FASHION Styling - Coordinator Course

 Coordinating & creating clear new fashion trends

This course will allow you to develop the sense of stylizing fashion suited for time, place and situation. 
If you were a costume designer or a styler of a movie, how would you dress the actors? If you had to dress a celebrity for a night out for an event, how would you dress her? Also there are always some items that never goes out of style, (such as the Little Black Dress) how would you stylize the item and make the most out of it for different occasions ? During the course the student will create a photographic Scrap Book. The book will then be used by the students as a personal portfolio presentation work ........ but above through the exercises you will be prepared to the real market needs.


 See a Sample of Virtual Web Scrap Portfolio