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Italian Fashion Institute "Online  Partnership 


If You are a owner of a Fashion School in your Country, give to Your student the opportunity to Study with our Online Fashion Courses.

Giving the possibility to Your Student to Obtain a Double Certificate.

Creating an important Cultural Exchange  between Italy, the Italian Fashion Style and Your Country.

Milan Fashion Campus Italian Online Fashion Institute 


Give your students the possibility to have

International Experiences 

We Are Looking For Partner


Welcome to Milan Fashion Campus, Italian professional career training for Fashion Design,  & Fashion Styling career in undergraduate.


Exclusive Italian Online Fashion School Partnership Program 


You are welcome to be a part of Milan Fashion Campus family by evaluating partners with a strong inclination to the world of Fashion with previous experience in the field of fashion.

That means the local institute will give their students the possibility to study with an Italian Online Fashion Institute.

Creating an important Cultural Exchange between Italy, and Your Country.

Such a kind of collaboration gives to your Institute, of course, the possibility to gain authority in the field of fashion education. 


How does the partnership work?


It is very Easy

1 we create a Special Website with your Logo ( Click Here to see an example )

2 your students register with your link 

3 your Students take one of of our course

4 after completing the Course & final examination your Student will receive a Certificate 

certificato 2 ragazza.gif

Collaboration Benefits:

  • Partnership program with School

  • Italian Fashion Study Program

  • One Time Affiliation Fee 2.500 $ 

  • Your dedicate Landing page with your Logo

  • Click Here to See an Example 


  • Double Certificate after completing a final examination with your School logo & Milan Fashion Campus  
  • Discount for your students that are registering tho the Online Course  

Available Online Course

Design Courses 

Women Fashion Design

Men Fashion Design 

Accessories Design

Lingerie & Swimwear Design

Bridal Design Course

Fashion Styling Courses

Women Styling 

Men Styling