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What To Do In Milano

2/3 Weeks Fashion Styling Course 

Or also 

One Day Personal Styling / Women


Things To Do In Milan Fashion
Things To Do In Milan Fashion
Things To Do In Milan Fashion
Discover Fashion Discover Your Personal Fashion Style 

You would like to have your  One Day PERSONAL STYLE COACH

Have Your personal Fashion Styling Course – a full immersion into the world of Fashion – dedicate time to your personal Image - have your Fashion Experience in the World Fashion Capital Milan.

You won't be able to experience it without FEELING it .


Watch the video- discover our program

2/3 Weeks Fashion Styling Course 

Fashion Stylist School - Image Courses in Milan - Courses Open all the Year round - Enrollment every Monday

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Fashion Style Image Courses in Milan

Discover How Style can Influence your Career or Personal Life?



One Day  Women Styling Courses with Milan Fashion Campus is the great Experience for your short stay in Milan.

I would highly recommend it as a very detailed introduction to those who either want to become more fashion conscious  start their career in fashion/styling or just as part of vacation experience in the Fashion capital of Italy.

Very personalized individual approach and very welcoming team. Now I plan to come back to MFC and take for intense two week or one month course."

Program Topics 

1st Day 
General Styling Coaching 
1- Body Shape – Face Shape 
2- Colors in Fashion 
Your Personal Styling 
3-  Your Colors
4-  Identify which items fits to your Body
5- Your Face Your accessories 
6- Be-Chic -The Sense of Style - ways to be Stylish
7- Breaking fashion rules 
8- Fashion Errors 
Fashion Culture 
9- Style identification 
10- Discovering  Fabrics 
11- Discovering Shoes 
12- What kind of Shoes wear with ..


One Day Personal Styling Course Women

Also Available as one Day Personal Man Fashion Style Course 

1 Day 1 person euro 450,00
1 Day 2 people euro 700,00

One Day Personal Styling Course Men
One Day Personal Styling
One Day Personal Styling

One Day Styling / Men 


Nowadays men want to be always fashion, following the latest trends and what is in. 

That's why we are glad to introduce you this new course: a One Day Men Fashion Styling Course during that the you will discover how a man can look perfect and stunning according the occasion and his body figure.

This is a Style Course, based on men's fashion needs and their world ; we will teach you the basical rules to make a man appear good and do the right impression in different situations. We will take in consideration different styles to give you the best suggestions to create a perfect male wardrobe.
You will receive all useful information about items, patterns, colors and fabrics, a glossary with the descriptions of what a man need to wear and some examples of male fashion icons that made the history with their looks.


This course is aimed to men with styling problems to solve and women attracted by the male fashion world.


1 day from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Programme Topics 

General Styling Coaching 
1-  Glossary
2-  Men's clothing description 
3-  Style Identification
4-  Men's Fabrics
5- Male Face Shapes
6- Male Face Shapes + Sunglasses
7- Men's different Body Shapes
8- Dress Code

Additional Documents

- Italian / British / American Jackets

- Fashion Icons

- Fit Suit Guide

- Fashion Male Mistakes


1 Day 1 person euro 450,00
1 Day 2 people euro 700,00


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 Included Fashion Welcome Set
value 150 euro

Courses One by One

or in Small Groups 

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things to do in milan italy
Fashion styling Course
Fashion styling Course
things to do in milan italy
Milan Fashion Campus
Coté López Milan Fashion Campus
Milan Fashion Campus Fashion styling Course
One Day Personal Styling
One Day Personal Styling
One Day Personal Styling
One Day Personal Styling
One Day Personal Styling
Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Styling Course
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