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Fashion Styling Course

Remember STYLE can affect your Career or Personal life ! 

How to be a personal stylist start with our Online Fashion Styling Courses 

Online Fashion Styling Course women
Online Men Fashion Styling Course

How to Become a Stylist


The course is divided into 4 modules (A,B,C & D).

Module A 

The first step towards the Fashion industry and image consultant career, in this first module, you'll see more the personal styling side, how to identify the different body shapes, face shapes and color analysis to dress your clients accordingly to enhance their best qualities.
This module is more than theory, is included Photoshop lessons that will allow you to present a more professional work.

Module B

Module B will be unlocked automatically 2 weeks after the starting date.

In this module you'll learn about the different Fashion styles, which are the key items for each one, so you can create new looks mixing the right accessories, color or material depending on your inspiration and mood you would like to achieve.
You will have to complete different task taking in mind the styles, age and nationality!
Don't worry! Also in this module you will have a Photoshop lesson.

Module C

Module C will be unlocked automatically 3 weeks after the starting date.

In this 3rd Module is more about trend, how to make a runway look for every day use, the importance of a high quality basic wardrobe so you could add some trendy pieces.
Like the other two Modules you will have to complete some assignments, please do not forget what you have learnt, use all your new knowledge and don't forget to share!

Module D

Module D will be unlocked automatically 4 weeks after the starting date.

Fourth and FINAL Module of the Styling course, you will have to complete your last 2 tasks, and we expect great quality research and presentation!
Las but not least the final exam!
*Only after completing all 4 modules and taking the exam, you will receive the certificate.

What will you learn

Body Shapes
Body Shapes
Face Shapes
Color Alysis
Color Analysis
personal styling
Personal styling
celebrity styling
Celebrity Styling
fashion styles
about fashion trends
About trends
editorial fashion styling
Editorial styling

Includes extra free documents like

Includes extra free documents like

Fashion Package
  • Fashion Photographers
Theory about the fashion photographers who revolutionize the fashion world with their imagery.
  • Fashion dictionary and and wardrobe glossary
Amplified your fashion vocabulary in a professional way.
  • Body Shape illustrations
  • Fashion Icons
Brief theory about the women in history that  revolutionize the fashion world with their style.
  • About Fabrics
Learn the characteristic to recognize different materials and textiles.

bonus gift 

include in the program  business plan Starter kit

This course program includes a starter kit to help you step by step to become a fashion stylist freelancer and start your own company as fashion styling image consultant, the starter kit contains documents introducing how to build the platform for your company from the business survey, business plan, press release to materials for image counseling and materials for your clients.

Image and Style Course 
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Buy the Course & if you decide to come and complete the course in our campus in Milan

we will


you the amount you have spend, as we did with Adriana.

Online Fashion Styling

Discover Fashion Styling Jobs

Possibility Round the World 

Course learning outcomes:

  • Gain ability to communicate new trends in a visual way

  • Improve your fashion editorial knowledge 

  • Gain knowledge to build a shooting project

  • Learn how to dress your personal style  

  • Gain knowledge of the past icons and designers 

  • Gain knowledge of the major photographers

  • Understanding which fabrics are more suitable for different figures & items

  • Gain knowledge of color theory

  • Recognize names of clothing items and accessories

  • Recognize the names of the different Fashion Styles

  • Learn the two major methods to recognize the skin color

  • Gain Italian way of stylizing fashion

  • Gain ability to create for your future clients the target conscious fashion looks

  • Gain ability of the use of Adobe Photoshop 

  • Gain ability of the use of web based communication Tools

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