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Milan Fashion Runway

Italian Language & Fashion Design or Styling Course 

combining the Italian language with Italian Fashion Style



Fashion Style

Your Italian Language & Fashion Experience


Italian Language

& Fashion Design

Course Content

Course Learning Outcomes:


The purpose of the Italian or English Language & Fashion Design or Styling course is to approach Italian or English language & enjoying the Italian Fashion Design Improve the personal Fashion taste, acquire the Italian Fashion Style code in an environment where You can Feel the...Italian Fashion & Language.


Learn the Italian or English language in Milan, Italian Language Course & Fashion School , the Italian English Language School with Fashion Design Courses , Iitalian studies abroad - make your Italian Vacation unforgettable.


Come to Milan and seize the opportunity to speak italian! you can choose one of our Courses, and have in the same period the possibilities to learn or improve your italian language in a serious partner-institute, the European Language Company.


-Tour in Milan. Walk to the center, enjoy time together and discover what Milan can offers you.

-External activities trip to Florence. Visit this beautiful city and fashion museums: Gucci & Ferragamo.


Level: beginners and advanced students.


-Fashion courses are available for all levels - beginners to advanced;

-Italian languages' school will test the knowledge of the italian languages to introduce you in the right level class.


Language Course options :


COURSE GROUPS of 2-5 students

A.       20 hours    500 euro

B.       30 hours    680 euro



A.      10 hours     500 euro

B.       20 hours    500 euro



TIME: 17:30> 19:00 or 17:30> 19:30 from Monday to Thursday

Tax 22 % included

See here the prices of Fashion Courses




Name of Course                                                                                       Duration            Price


Women Wear Design - Fashion Styling                                                  2 Weeks              1,200  euro

Women Wear Design - Fashion Styling                                                  3 Weeks              1,500  euro



Mens Wear Design - Lingerie & Swimwear Design                      
Bridal Wedding Design - Accessories Design                                        2 Weeks              1,200  euro
Celebrity Fashion Design - Trend Forecasting


Men Wear Design - Lingerie & Swimwear Design
Bridal Wedding Design - Accessories Design                                        4 weeks              1,400  euro
Celebrity Fashion Design - Trend Forecasting

To include 22% Tax & 180 euro Enrollment Fee.


Course Schedule
-Course may start on any Monday except for Italian holidays 

-Courses are scheduled 4 days a week from Monday to Thursday.

  Morning: 9:30am till 12:30pm
  Afternoon: 14:00pm til 17:00pm

  Full Time: 6 hours a day, morning and afternoon
  Part TIme: 3 hours a day, morning or afternoon

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