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Online Accessories Design Course  

E-Book available by Download

That means once you have done the transaction, You can begin right away with the course !

The Accessories Design Course will allow students to learn how to design bags and shoes following their creativity but keeping the practical use of the item. The focus will be on paying attention to construction and materials targeting a certain type of market. They will learn how to draw the sketches, the technical drawing in Illustrator and create digital renderings.

Accessories Design Course 
  • Material

  • Product Analysis

  • Trend Inspiration

  • Coloration Technique

  • Workmanship

  • Accessories

  • Drawing Technique

  • Rendering Technique

Handbags and Shoes Design

100 pages - 100 exercises

Accessories Design Course(online)
Shoe and Bag Design

Price Complete Course: € 180

Shoe design
Shoes and Bag Design
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