Online Men Fashion Styling Course

 Intro Tutorial Documents 

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A complete guide usefull to discover the world of styling for men.

Milan Fashion Campus provides different documents full of notions and information that will let you know how to become a personal stylist for men.


This course includes just documents – not exercises – with the goal to give students basic knowledge about this fashion sector. To make your preparing complete, enroll to the course here in Milan where you will be followed by a teacher step by step realizing many exercises according what you learned with the online files.

Note that if you decided to continue with the course here in Milan, you will receive a discount on the final price.

What is about

Increasing knowledge in the fashion - Human body analysis – Items and accessories for every silhouetteColour analysis Style Research – Trend Research – Dress code – Realize complete look – Personal analysis -

Ready for immediate download
Price only 400 Euro 

Which topics are included?


•         Introduction Test

•         Men Fashion Icons

•         Italian Brands

•         Glossary with the main items

•         Men's Clothing Identification-description

•         Style Identification

•         Key Items for each style

•         Men's Basic Fabrics

•         Body Shapes

•         Men Face Shapes

•         Personal Colors

•         Dress Code

•         Black tie

•         Suit Types

•         Jacket & Trousers

•         Men's Fashion Mistakes

And if after the purchase of this intro Men's Fashion Styling Tutorial Set,
YOU dice to make the Course in Milan
You will receive 150 euro Discount 

Which notions you will obtain with our documents:


•         Gain a new fashion vocabulary

•         Increase your fashion knowledge

•         Learn how to determine different bodies and faces

•         Gain important notions about how to analyze a client

•         Learn all the aspects about different styles

•         Understand how to dress up a client

           according lifestyle and occasion

•         Gain more knowledge about the men's wardrobe

What you can do

  • Personal stylist

  • Personal and editorial image consultant

  • Personal shopper

  • Stilyng consulting

  • Work with fashion agency or as freelance

  • Work with press offices

  • Work with photographers

  • Work with editorial magazines

  • Fashion Show coordinator

Italian Brand
Dress Code
Man's Color Analysis


Men 's Fashion Styling Course 


Which documents are included ?


Black Tie
Style Identification
Jacket & Trousers
Body Shapes
Items Glossary
Men Face Shape
Suit Types
Men Fashion Icons
Men's Fashion Mistakes
Key Items For Each Styles
Men's Item Description
Ready for immediate download
Price only 400 Euro 
And if after the purchase of this intro Men's Fashion Styling Tutorial Set,
YOU dice to make the Course in Milan
You will recieve 150 euro Discount