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Online Fashion Courses

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Thanks for visiting the Milan Fashion Campus website - Here you can find some frequently asked  questions about our Online Courses.

Please take few minutes to learn about our courses.


What kind of job can I get once I complete the Milan Fashion Campus program ?

Our courses offer the opportunity to acquire the secrets of the fashion business industry simply and easily. With Milan Fashion Campus courses you will be able to approach the Fashion World as a Fashion Designer, Web Fashion Designer, Image Consultant, Fashion Magazine Stylist, TV - Program Stylist, Event Stylist, Fashion Journalist, Personal Shopper.
You will also improve your own fashion sensibility which can open new doors to a brilliant career.


When can I begin the course?

Any time because the course is on-line.


In which language is the on-line course?



How can I pay?

1.Payment by credit card, through Paypal and you will have immediately access to the course.
2. Payment by International Banking Transfer (after verification of payment you will receive the an email confirmation)
You may also purchase the course by single chapters. The complete course has seven sections (useful for those who want to try the course first). The CD Fashion design course is only available for participants of the summer course.


How to download ?

Once your payment by credit card has been processed you can login using your email & password – go to the download area, click on the documents purchased – the download begins ! The Bank Transfer process also has an email confirmation and follows the same procedure to download your course.

How does the course work?

The course is divided in 7 modules. You are allowed to send 3 drawings for each module to

our teacher via email to review. Once the course is completed, you can access the final exam to get the certificate.

You have 1 Year to complete the Course 

Where will the examinations be done?

Option 1:Final examination in Milan!
Step 1: Only after you have completed the whole course, you can do the final examination and get the certificate!
Step 2: Once you have completed all the exercises of the course you need to book the final examination by sending us an email (at least 1 month prior to the examinations which are held in December and July).A date for the final examination will be set in Milan.
Step 3:Milan Fashion Campus will send the conditions and the program of the examination by e-mail.

Options 2: Final examination at your home! You have the possibility to send your exam work by mail to Milan Fashion Campus any time you want.


Some question we recieve 

What is the deadline for the exam?(How long do I have to do all the assignments?) 

You have 3 month to complete the Examination

How do you want me to send it?(By post as hardcopies  or as pdf by email?)

You have to send by post hardcopies - not original oly color copies.

Do I send everything at once or every assignment by itself?

Yes you have to send all at once !


How to purchase your examination ?

You can purchase the Examination ON-LINE. It is very easy you just log in , purchase and pay the enrollment fee & examination program, download the program, complete the exercises included in the examination, and send them back to Milan Fashion Campus.


How much does the examination cost ?

The program & enrollment fee for the examination is 300 Euro (NOT Included DHL Shipment of the certificate ). If the student wishes to receive the exam work back a charge for shipment applies. Otherwise the work remains at Milan Fashion Campus.


How is the program of the structured ?

The program of the examination includes all sections of the course; therefore you have to be prepared for all chapters!


What value does the certificate of participation have?

The certificate of attendance from the Milan Fashion Campus will be awarded to the participator and is a valid document outlining the knowledge acquired during participation in the course.

( The certificate will be released only by purchasing the complete Online Fashion Design Course with Full price no Special Offer ). See the Online Fashion Design Course.

How will my certificate be shipped?

Standard shipping by post is included in the price. If you wish to have it shipped faster and with a tracking number we can upgrade it to DHL Express Shipping. In this case an extra charge is required. Please contact us to know more.


What do i need for the course?

Here are the things you need : Pencil, Linear Pencil, coloured - pencils , rubber, A4 white papers, computer, printer and OF COURSE your creativity!


If I need help, how do I contact you?

Milan Fashion Campus reply to all the questions by mail! Except during the month of August.

The following criteria will be analysed: Creativity - technique of coloration - presentation of photographic briefing - written description of the collection.

Our certificate does not guarantee employment, but we are sure that our course shows you how to draw fashion in a modern professional way, preparing you for a brilliant future career.

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